We have offered a comprehensive end-to-end property Town Planning service since 1995.

Our strong regional presence means that we have developed an enviable knowledge of local and regional markets which has helped us to forge close working relationships with Local Authorities and key stakeholder groups. The Harlequin Group’s Planning and Development team integrates planning professionals with development surveyors, project managers, financial consultants and design engineers. The team has a wealth of knowledge with qualified professionals.  However, we supplement this with our apprenticeship and graduate recruitment programmes.

We are therefore able to offer a holistic approach and a broad range of complementary services, adding value through our knowledge and experience.  This ensures that we find the right balance and solution to meet customers’ requirements, taking into account the constraints of Town & Country Planning legislation and legislative changes.

We represent clients across the Town Planning spectrum, offering planning and project management support to utility, infrastructure, residential, commercial, waste, minerals and transport projects.


Our planning application services include:

Impartial initial planning advice and consultation

A site visit, where necessary

Preparation of architectural plans or drawings as required to favourably present your proposal

Preparation of the Planning Statement which addresses planning law and legislation in favour of your development

Use of national case law to strengthen your application

Liaisons with and submission to the planning department

Management of your application throughout its duration, with professional representation to the planning department as required

Recent Experience

Harlequin Group has delivered project management, planning, community & stakeholder engagement services to BT Openreach, DCMS, DECC and energy providers on major infrastructure projects over the last 5 years.

The Harlequin Group will ensure that your planning application has the best chance of success by demonstrating to the relevant Council that the proposal has considered all relevant planning law and legislation prior to submission.


Head of Town Planning: Martin Brown

Managing Director: David Summers